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Springer Spaniel Training

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Placeboard Training The Openshaw Way
This film will show you the advantages of using placeboard training. Watch and learn valuable lesson from Ian and Wendy Openshaw, as they take you through each stage of training step by step.
Kennel Club Novice AV Spaniel Training Day with Bob Aldenton
Watch Bob Aldenton show handlers and their Spaniels, how to solve everyday basic training problems at a Kennel Club Training Day.
Foundation Gundog Training with Adrian and Caroline Slater
This film follows on and builds on lessons learnt in the Initial Puppy Training. Adrian talks you through all the main aspects of how to train your gundog from 6 months to 14 months.
Initial Puppy Training with Adrian and Caroline Slater
This DVDs are a step by step guide of all the main aspects of puppy training from 11 weeks to 6 months, harnessing the puppies natural ability without any pressure or force.

Train your Springer Spaniel the Professionals Way with expertly filmed DVDs by Paul French Video

  • Adrian & Caroline Slater
  • Ian & Wendy Openshaw