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Hawcroft Gundogs Cocker Spaniel Training Series with Simon Tyers - Box Set

Product code (SKU):  HAW-BOXSET

Box Set - 4 DVDs

Simon's fresh approach and gentleness with his dogs and with over 26 years dog training experience not only do
you see dogs working correctly but very importantly see them going wrong. Simon shows correction procedures
and how to stop them from chasing game.  Winner of 2007 & 2008 Cocker Spaniel Championship


From picking a puppy to shooting over your Cocker Spaniel


Film 1

  • Selecting a puppy
  • Making a start at 10 to 12 weeks
  • What to expect at 16 to 20 weeks
  • Ways to get a reluctant hunter going
  • Introduction to the lead and sit command
  • Taking a youngster in a rabbit pen
  • More testing retrieves
  • Jumping

Film 2 - 2 DVDs

  • What stage you should be at
  • Correction
  • Starting basic training
  • Steadiness to dummies
  • Introducing the sit and stop whistle
  • More advanced stopping and directions
  • Heel work
  • A few more exercises
  • Introduction to shot
  • Dropping to shot
  • Blind retrieves
  • Retrieving fur and feather
  • Advanced blind retrieves
  • Advanced jumping
  • Putting it altogether

Film 3

  • Steadying to game (rabbits)
  • Moving onto the real thing (rabbit shooting)
  • Steadying to game (feather)
  • The real thing (game shooting

Filmed and produced by Paul French Video
Running Time 265 mins

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