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Complete Springer Spaniel Training Series with David Lisett - Film 2

Product code (SKU):  BUC-F2

The Complete Springer Spaniel Training Series covers all the aspects of training a puppy to a polished shooting companion whether a peg dog or trialing dog.  Featuring and presented by David Lisett winner of the 2004, 2005 & 2007 English Springer Spaniel Championship and 2003, 2005 & 2007 Irish Spaniel Championship.

These films are full of useful tips while showing you exercises going right but most importantly going wrong and then correction to stop problems developing.

Film 2 covers all aspects of challenging that raw talent and enthusiasm through positive training, understanding temperament and ability through its body language.

  • What standard is your dog at
  • Basic directional work
  • Basic blind/memory retrieves
  • Left/Right (a step further)
  • Go back
  • Blind memory retrieves
  • Problem retrieving
  • Left/Right & Blind retrieves
  • Taking lines (The next step)
  • Introduction to fences
  • Introduction to fur and feather
  • Problem retrieves fur and feather

Filmed and produced by Paul French Video
Running Time 76 mins

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